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Physical Training, Drill and Games form an important part of School Activities. Games & Sports are organized and played under the supervision of P.T. Instructor or Class Teacher. All the pupils are expected to take active part during the weekly games periods. Exemptions may be granted by the Principal to a student who submits a Medical Certificate from a Registered Practitioner and a written application from the parent. Singing and Drawing are also included in the time table. Inter house debates, elocution and dramatics are also encouraged. According to the curriculum Of the council the school should provide children with some kind of work experience such as cleaning the School Library etc. Hence all pupils are strictly enforced to make use of the time allotted for this purpose under the direction of the Teacher appointed. Assessment of pupil's active participation will be made by the Teacher-incharge and duly entered in the Report Card.

Partners in Learning

The School Conforms to techno-savvy learning and makes an earnest endeavour to transform children into inquisitive, well informed scholars with an analytical mind. Computer aided learning enables the children to experience the joys of learning through educational games and subject oriented multimedia.

शिक्षा और तकनीक

"स्कूल तकनीकी सुविधाओ से पूर्णा है |आज का युग जिज्ञासा का युग है तथा हम बच्चो की जिज्ञासा तथा वर्तमान समय की जरूरत को समझते है तथा दोनों के ताल-मेल को सँजोते है| कम्प्युटर द्वारा बच्चो का मनोरंजन भी होता है तथा वे आधुनिक तकनीक से समाज मे कंधे से कंधा मिलने के लिए तैयार होते है|"

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